Give Back Initiative

Unlike most nutraceutical companies, we do not focus on advertising. At Biosentica Laboratories we are thrilled with the amount of positive feedback we receive on a daily basis. We therefore owe our customers for the tremendous success of ÊTREXA family simply because it is in great measure based upon word of mouth recommendations.

We understand that not everyone was born wealthy and not everyone is successful enough to afford our premium quality products. At the same time, some of us do experience health issues that can be effectively relieved with ÊTREXA. Given the above said, we decided to pay back to the community that brought us to where we are today and help the ones in need.

Every month we will pick a number of individuals who require one of ÊTREXA products but cannot afford it for whatsoever reason. These individuals will receive their ÊTREXA box completely free of charge. If you decide to participate, please contact us and tell us your story. If you know someone who might be interested in participating, feel free to spread the word.


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