Frequently Asked Questions


❯ Why the components of ÊTREXA work synergistically?

ÊTREXA products represent extensive research of the health benefits of individual components and their interactions with each other. Many important ingredients are insoluble in water and therefore poorly adsorbed. In the pharmaceutical industry, improvement of drug solubility and availability is achieved through the use of so-called solubility enhancers, i.e. water soluble polymers. ÊTREXA makes a step further and enhances solubility by using Hyaluronic Acid, a vitally important natural biopolymer. This improved availability of bioactive compounds makes it possible to address specific health concerns using a number of biochemical mechanisms.


❯ What makes ÊTREXA products better than any other product on the market?

ÊTREXA has been designed by researchers with a solid experience in the field of pharmaceutical development. Our products are created with pharmaceutical scrutiny and professionalism. The synergistic approach we used to create ETREXA originates from the pharmaceutical field, where it has been proven effective on the number of drug molecules. We apply the best practices and standards of pharmaceutical industry to the procuring raw materials, manufacturing, and testing of all ÊTREXA products. ÊTREXA products comprise only bioactive ingredients and are free of artificial fillers, stabilizers, and preservatives.*


❯ What clinical evidences of ÊTREXA’s health benefits exist?

ÊTREXA is manufactured in Canada, where nutraceutical products are regulated by Health Canada, one of the world’s most stringent regulatory authorities. Health benefits and safety of the ÊTREXA components has been recognized by Health Canada based on numerous clinical studies. ÊTREXA unites clinically proven health benefits of individual components within synergetic and targeted formulas.*


❯ How soon should I expect to see and feel the results?

The effect largely depends on the particular product and individual susceptibility. For some products the first results can be observed within days or even hours, while other may require taking the supplement on the on-going basis. All products are safe for long term consumption when used within recommended daily doses. Please refer to product pages for details.


❯ Can I combine different ÊTREXA products?

Because cardiovascular system plays an important role in overall skin health, we recommend combining ÊTREXA DERMA with one daily VegiCap of ÊTREXA CARDIO. ÊTREXA DERMA should not be combined with ÊTREXA FLEX since both supplements contain sufficient daily dosage of Hyaluronic Acid.*


❯ Is ÊTREXA 100% natural?

All ÊTREXA products are 100% natural. ÊTREXA does not contain any artificial ingredients, stabilizers, preservatives, etc. It is safe for long-term consumption and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.*