Earn with us

ÊTREXA™ Affiliate Program

We are offering a straightforward and generous referral program to website owners, bloggers, and simply active social media users. Once you join this program, you can use your unique web links to post about ÊTREXA products on your website, blog, email it to your friends, or simply share it on social media and message boards. Every time someone clicks your link and makes a purchase, you receive a 20% commission. Guess what? You keep getting your commission for all subsequent purchases made directly on our website! No matter how experienced you are, sign up now and start earning money today!


Social Media User

If you are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else, you can just grab your unique link and post it in newsgroups, message boards, etc. It's that simple! Even a single status update can earn you money. Sign up now.

TIP: if you wish to maximize your earning potential, it is a great idea to use our coupon codes, banners, and video.


Word-of-Mouth Marketer

Instead of posting links online you can use your network of personal contacts and offer them a specialized coupon code (generated for you only). Every time someone makes a purchase using your coupon code, you receive 20% commission.  This is a win-win situation: your friends get a discount and you earn money! Sign up now. Do not forget to contact us to request your coupon code.



If you have your own blog or YouTube channel and wish to make a blog post/product review or video about ÊTREXA, feel free to order your free ÊTREXA sample. If you like the result (and we are sure you will) you can share your personal experience with your online audience, while earning money. Sign up now.


Affiliate Marketer

If you wish to monetize your online traffic or employ other affiliate marketing method, you can use our banners and text links. We also provide free on-demand custom banners that will match your website as well as personalized coupon codes. Sign up now.