Synergetic Approach used to formulate ETREXA products

Synergetic Approach 

Thanks to the advanced synergetic approach along with our proprietary technology, ÊTREXA takes the health benefits of its ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Carnosine, Lysine, MSM, L-Glutathione and Coenzyme Q10 to the next level. By emphasizing bioavailability of the vital bioactive compounds and favoring their delivery to where it's needed most, ÊTREXA products represent a new standard in health science.*



Targeted delivery of ETREXA ingredients

Optimized Delivery

Another major advantage of ÊTREXA’s sophisticated formulas is optimized delivery to where the Hyaluronic Acid, Carnosine and other ingredients are needed most.*

Many bodily systems benefit from Hyaluronic Acid and often end up competing to absorb it. This can mean that the Hyaluronic Acid is spread throughout multiple systems in the body, significantly reducing the desired effect. By isolating how different systems absorb Hyaluronic Acid and other bioactive ingredients, we have been able to develop different formulas that make it much more likely that the right bodily system absorbs most of the supplement. As a result, you can better strive towards your desired goals, whether it's cardiovascular support, joint restoration, skin rejuvenation or immune system support.*



Increased bioavailability of ETREXA ingredients 

Focus on Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the amount of a supplement’s dosage that your body can actually absorb. With most orally-ingested vitamins and supplements, however, the bioavailability tends to be low, meaning that your body absorbs only a small amount of the dosage before it breaks down in your digestive system.*

With ÊTREXA’s advanced line of products, however, the bioavailability of Hyaluronic Acid, Carnosine and other bioactive compounds can be dramatically increased, favoring their lifespan in the body and allowing the body to assimilate almost all of the ingredients.*

The result is a line of advanced anti-aging supplements that offer you greater value and health benefits that we believe are superior to any other anti-aging supplement on the market.*