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by Biosentica Laboratories August 28, 2016

Our body is a sophisticated system, and the biomolecules that constitute most of our tissues are extraordinarily complex entities. Biomolecular components, once built up, are not preserved during our whole life, but are constantly being broken down and renewed again. This occurs because precise three-dimensionally folded structures of bio-molecules required for functioning, cannot be maintained with accuracy indefinitely. When we are young, those two opposite processes of building up and breaking down compensate well for each other, creating bio-equilibrium.

This situation changes after we reach a certain age. As we get older, we begin losing the energy necessary to maintain the structural and functional integrity of virtually all biomolecules that are synthesized or “built up” during life. Repair systems become less and less capable of maintaining molecular order. We start seeing and feeling the signs of aging. But even worse, this escalating molecular breakdown process ultimately exceeds the “build-up” capacity and increases our vulnerability to pathology or age-associated diseases. The complexity of biological process and the involvement of multiple key components in creating and maintaining bio-equilibrium explains why synergetic products like ÊTREXA™ are preferable over single component dietary supplements.

Biosentica Laboratories
Biosentica Laboratories


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